07/12/2009 - Reliance Sets Sights on TVPPA E&O
Reliance Energy Consulting and Advance Power and Lighting are planning to participate in TVPPA's upcoming Engineering and Operations Conference to be held in Sevierville, TN, on August 19-21. The two companies will be joining forces to highlight their combined success at MED in completing several recondutor projects.  Stop by the AP&L - Reliance booth and ask Brad Perra or Clint Smith about the process and how it works.  See you there!
04/12/2009 - Tornado Tests First Reconductor Project
One day after AP&L finished the Morgan Road Reconductor project and moved their equipment to the next project site, the city of Murfreesboro was struck by an EF-4 tornado that carved a path of destruction through many areas of town, inlcuding the Morgan Road area.  Although AP&L left the neighborhood in emaculate condition, the storm came in right behind them and made a huge mess.  There were even houses that had been energized with new primary cable only days before that were damaged beyond repair and had to be rebuilt.  It was not exactly a time to celebrate, but all involved realized that it was reliable underground power like that in the Morgan Road subdivision that allowed MED to get the power back on in record time after such a devestating event.
01/15/2009 - Reconductor Work To Continue at MED
Reliance Energy Consulting was chosen by Murfreesboro Electric Department in 2008 to oversee planning of several underground primary replacement projects.  Utilizing the eJobsite tm service offered by Reliance, project members were able to get the first of these  projects off to a successful start.  The project team, made up of staff from MED, Reliance and APL, are all working together to keep this project on track despite holiday scheduling and inclement weather challenges.  As a result of this initial success, MED has given orders to begin planning on the next project of this sort.  For more information regarding the eJobsite tm service, go to Web Applications.
11/11/2008 - TMEPA E&O Fall Meeting
We will be joining Murfreesboro Electric Department at the TMEPA E&O Fall Meeting in Murfreesboro, TN, on November 12, 13 and 14.  You can find us in the exhibition hall, as well as, attending the various sessions scheduled for this meeting.  Be sure to attend the session by Mark Kimbell, MED on Automated Switching.  MED is on the cutting edge with this technology and Mark is willing and ready to share his insights and experience on the subject.